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Programme of the day

· Lexion Introduction

· Lexion assessment & reports

· In-depth look at Lexion training program customisation & exercises

· Monitoring student’s -progress-pupil recovery and MiniLexion

· Create your own material.

· Feedback & Questions

Our Lexion trainer is Annika Hallsvik who is a Swedish Speech Pathologist, responsible for the development of Lexion throughout the UK (and much of the English-speaking world!). Annika majored in English at the University of Linkoping, Sweden (including studies in Phonetics, Linguistics and Pedagogy). She gained a Masters in Speech Pathology, at the University of New Orleans USA, in 1978. Besides translating and adapting the Swedish version of Lexion into English and steering it through the standardisation process, Annika has delivered training, workshops and seminars in Sweden, England and Australia. Annika visits the UK regularly, and is involved in several projects that use Lexion to support children, teenagers and adults with a wide range of additional learning needs.

As well as being passionate about supporting people with dyslexia, Annika finds time to visit New Orleans as often as she can, to indulge her passion for all things Cajun, and especially their cooking!

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