Comments from Lexion users

“Lexion is one of the most comprehensive and innovative pieces of software
I have seen for many years. Being able to email home or to other computers the interactive activities, at no extra cost, is a brilliant use of ICT."

Victoria Crivelli, British Dyslexia Association’s New Technologies Committee

"Thank you for giving me the Lexion program. I did it most days and everyone tells me how much I have improved. I wrote a story at school yesterday and it only had three spelling mistakes. I used to have lots and lots of spelling mistakes. I am much better with my English work now."


"Dear Michael,
I would like to give you some feedback on Sarah’s progress to date.
A quantifiable way of measuring her progress is through the tests carried out at the Dyslexia centre, where she has made huge progress.
We were absolutely delighted with this progress and as there were no other influences during the summer holidays, this can only be down to the Lexion program.
Sarah initially needed lots of encouragement to do Lexion and sometimes lacked motivation but she persevered and began to see progress. The Lexion programme enabled her to compare her results in each test and she soon became very keen to improve her scores. She is now very enthusiastic about doing the year five programme you have given her and does not even need to be reminded to do it! I think she is particularly pleased with being able to beat her dad in the hangman game.
Although these “numbers” are important what is equally important is the way in which Sarah’s self esteem has grown. I know that Sarah got so much from your visits, as not only did you explain to her in simple terms why she was having her difficulties but you also made the meetings fun, made the learning look like play, and boosted her confidence at every opportunity. She was always so reluctant to do any writing, but this year for the first time ever, she actually wrote some postcards and sent them whilst on holiday. She even keeps a diary now, writes her own little songs and I believe she has started emailing too!
Thank you so much and look forward to your next visit."

Sarah's Mother

"I thourt it was fun learning Lexion. It is fun learning intresting subjects like spoonerisms. to be onest I feel very good about my reading now michael shode me lexion"

Jack (just after his Lexion assessment)
“The best thing about it is its ease to set-up. It takes no more than 10-15 minutes to run an assessment and create a unique set of exercises.”

“We use it with a wide range of difficulties from poor reading skills, ESL pupils, auditory processing to ADHD, not just for dyslexia from 5 to adults.”

Siraj Shamsuddin, Learning Leap, Harrow

“I find Lexion really motivating because I can see my skills improve”

Student, Learning Leap

“Our students find the use of photos engaging, particularly the older ones who are put off by too much computer generated graphics"

Fraces Girling, Specialist Speech & Language Therapist, LSS Cornwall, Cornwall’s Children, Young People and Families department,

As Karen puts it, “I could have done the same activity with flashcards, but the children would have cooperated for a tenth of the time. Using Lexion provides the children with dynamic activities that allow them to move around, touch the screen and cooperate with each other.
This increases their motivation, and makes it more likely that they will remember and learn.”

Teaching Assistant, Karen Stephens, Cornwall’s Children, Young People and Families department

“The hangman exercise is one that the students always request and I have used it successfully by putting their own spelling words. In my opinion this is one of the greatest assets of the system. By being able to make your own exercises within the categories makes it incredibly versatile.”

Speech and Language Therapist, Penny MacInnes, Parliament Hill School, Camden, London

“I find the verbal statements useful for the IEP.
They comply with the SMART Targets.”

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